Rabbit House is Small-Scale Theme Restaurant in Lower East Side, Manhattan. We serve unique new Japanese style food and drinks at a cozy atmosphere in this exciting neighbor!


six course omakase
We opened the New Rabbit House Restaurant & Bar at 41 Essex Street in Lower East Side on September 11th.

We offer six-course Omakase menu*  at $80/person (Tax & Tip included).

*All items are subject to change according to availability.
*It takes approximately 90 minutes.

3 Kinds of Snack:

Scramble Egg in Straw Hat with Smoked Caviar,

Upside-Down Spicy Scallop Hand Roll Sushi,

Sake Bloody Mary Oyster Shot


Sea Urchin on Edamame Tofu with Ponzu Jelly and Kinako Powder


Wild-caught Cod, Olive, Brussel Sprout, Round Daikon, Konnyaku Noodle, Clam-Soy Broth


Signature: Trapped Rabbit, Roasted in Pork Caul Fat

Broccoli, Shimeji and Shiitake Mushroom, Sweet Potato, Crispy Rice Noodle

Thick Sleet Soy Sauce


Truffle-Miso Gluten-Free Potato Gnocchi with Duck Confit and Dandelion Salad


Black Sesame Pudding, Hail Rice Cracker, Frozen Raspberry


(Tip & Tax Included)

Chef Yoshiko Sakuma

*All items are subject to change according to availability.
*It takes approximately 90 minutes.

*We can offer some substitution with a 24 hour-advanced request.
Ex. gluten-free, no-shellfish, no-beef, no-pork, dairy-free, no-nuts, no-rabbit, fish only.

*3 seating system; 5:30 pm, 7:00 pm, and 8:30 pm, Wednesday through Saturday, Tuesday and Sunday by request.


Please reserve your spot here!


We will take reservations by phone, too.
Phone: 646-448-4022
Wednesday – Saturday: 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm


We moved to 41 Essex Street.

76 Forsyth street location is temporarily closed until a new project is coming!

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New Yorker Magazine article 201712


Rabbit House was selected as one of “The Best Bars That I Escaped to in 2017” by The New Yorker Magazine!!