Rabbit House is Small-Scale Theme Restaurant in Lower East Side, Manhattan. We serve unique new Japanese style food and drinks at a cozy atmosphere in this exciting neighbor!

Rabbit House Omakase & Japanese Bar
Open for Pick-up & Delivery
delivery car iconsix course omakase 41 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002
Lower East Side

Small-scale themed Rabbit House Omakase & Japanese Bar (changed business name from Rabbit House Restaurant & Bar) is getting a little bigger than our original location.

We are now open for pick-up and delivery.

Free Pick-up & Delivery

Order via UberEats/DoorDash
Uber EatsOrder via DOORDASH
Call at

Sunday & Tuesday 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Wednesday & Thursday 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Friday & Saturday 12:00 pm – 0:00 am

Pick-up & Delivery Menu


Artichoke Dip(V) ** 14
tortilla chips, Paprika, Garlic, Miso, Green Tea
Three-kind Cheese Plate ** 17
European Cheese, Crostini. Recommend with Sake
Tuna Tartar */** 16
Prickly Pear Sauce, Dragon Fruits, Crostini
Black Chicken Skewers ** 15
6pcs. Side of Rainbow Carrots
Tako Marinade Salad ** 16
Octopus is “Tako” in Japanese. chickpea, tomato, Dandelion, Olive-Bell Pepper Dressing
Ponzu Mushroom(V) ** 16
Four kind of Mushroom, Tofu sauce, Tempura Crisp
Addicted Spare Rib ** S 16/L 24
Over-night marinated Pork with Sake & Soy Sauce


Truffle-Miso Gluten-Free Potato Gnocchi ** 26
with Duck Confit and Dandelion Salad
Trapped rabbit ** (Limited number of dish available) 26
Roasted in Pork Caul Fat; Broccoli, Shimeji and Shiitake Mushroom, Sweet Potato, Crispy Rice Noodle, Thick Sleet Soy Sauce
Wild Caught Cod ** 26
Olive, Brussel Sprout, Round Daikon, Konnyaku Noodle, Clam-Soy Broth


Appetizer Combo ** (for 4people+ Group) 90
2 x Black Edamame/2 x Artichoke Dip/2 x Tuna Tartar 8 pc. Chicken Skewers/Large Spire Rib
Three Course Prix-Fixe */** 50
1. Tuna Tartar or Pork Spare RiB, 2. Fish or Rabbit, 3. Dessert
*All bottle of Sake & Wine, Beer & Cider are available!*
Beer & Cider
Orion Beer, Lager, 5.0%, Japan 334ml 10
Sapporo Premium Beer 4.9% 16oz 12
Tokyo White, White Ale 5.0% 330ml 11
YuzuAle, HokkaidoBrew.Pale 5% 300ml 15 
Rootstock, Hard Cider, 6.9% 12oz 9
Non-Alcohol Drink
San PellegrinoSparklingWater, 750ml 7
San PellegrinoOrange, Sparkling 6oz 5
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New Yorker Magazine article 201712   Rabbit House was selected as one of “The Best Bars That I Escaped to in 2017” by The New Yorker Magazine!!