Our new location is opening at the end of August 2019.

Due to our new project, menu and concept of our original location have changed.

No more Omakase or entree serve at this location. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


*Black Edamame(V)**
With Kelp-spice-Salt
*Addicted Spare Rib**
Over-night marinated Pork with sake & soy sauce.
*Artichoke Dip(V)**
Home fried tortilla chips, paprika, garlic, miso, green tea
*Beef Tartar*/**
With Quail egg, Artichoke
*Half Dozen Oyster*/**
Local Blue Point, Yuzu mignonette sauce
*Japanese Guacamole & Pork Dip**
Yuzu-Miso Guacamole with Home fried tortilla
*Ponzu Mashroom(V)**
Four kind of Mushroom, tofu sauce, Tempura Crisp
*Rabbit House Salad(V)**
Vegan Caesar dressing, Organic Boston lettuce.
*Red Avocado or Natto Sushi Roll(V)**
Shiso Basil, Tenkasu.
*Sashimi Ceviche*/**
Raw fish of the day, Mushroom confit.
*Spicy Tuna or Salmon Sushi Roll*/**
Red rice, Spicy Mayo, Tenkasu.
Octopus is “Tako” in Japanese. chickpea, Spicy Mayo & Nori sauce, Gluten-Free Tortilla
/ 2 pc.
/ 4 pc.
*Three-kind cheese plate**
European Cheese, Walnuts bread, Apple Cider Jelly, honey
*Tuna Tartar*/**
Prickly pear Sauce, Dragon Fruits, crostini
Eel is “Unagi” in Japanese. Avocado, Egg Mimoza.
/ 2 pc.
/ 4 pc.
Appetizer Combo** (for 4people+ Group)
2 x Black Edamame/1 x Artichoke Dip/1 x tuna Tartar
4 pc. Tako Taco/4 pc. Spire Rib

* It May contain Row Protein Product
** Gluten-Free or option is available
(V) Vegan